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major in body bear

體熊專科 ・ ​關係

The very first studio album “Topic2: Relationship”, is inheriting from their last and first single “Topic1: Confession”. We do think the relationship is the first thing to clarify after the confession.


#The Core

This time the concept core of our album begins with the sound wave, and our minimum basic unit is one quarter of a circle.

Major in Body Bear is a four-pieces band with four people, therefore everything is related with multiple. The one quarter of a circle represents the quarter note in music, and a full circle equals to 4 beats which means one instrument. Then the four-pieces turns into four complete circles which stands for Major in Body Bear. There is a curve out of the one quarter of the circle. When you time the curve twice, you would get a symbol of sound waves if you keep repeat them, and that just shows the music of Major in Body Bear.


#Visual Elements

Major in Body Bear is band without any lyrics, therefore everything of them is connected with their sounds and visual consist. All their behaviors are produced by pure music, so we design all the visual elements in the way of sounds to communicate the relationship between each other by the music of Major in Body Bear. After the Confession, the most important thing to keep each other close is the sound.

The two sound waves of the visual design stands for the stereo sound, bases on the left and right ears of we human.

Basically all the visual element are surrounded by the angle of pure music with no more extra decorations, only to present the pure and simple core of music.


#The Concept of Cover and Packaging Design

The double covers are used to show the relationship between two subjects, and the four cover backs stand for the four members.

The acrylic case of the disk is the imitation we made to reproduce the sense of old MD disks. The CD disk nowadays is being stored with datas and music, but the MD disks were mostly used to save music datas. Therefore we choose the MD visual style to show the music-only carrier.

As our same old style is to maximize the creativity of the album design, this time we focus on the package ways of the album design to make it different with double covers and four cover backs. We hope the audiences could not only listen to the music of this album but also enjoy the pleasure and creativity of the packaging design.



client :

major in body bear




​Art Direction, Design

RONN CHEN (HereThere Studio)

​ASST. Design

fisheeptung (HereThere Studio)